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GFI Car Package

Car Product

This is a product where people are assisted to get a car of their choice. It is opened to any choice of car between N500,000-N6,000,000

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Conditions for qualifications

  • Intended subscribers must show interest by depositing 25% of the value of their dream car
  • Must purchase GFI online registration codes @ 10K per code
  • You must login to you dashboard account to upload your choice car within the range of N500,000-N6,000,000
  • Must agree to leave your 25% deposit with GFI for 60 days.
  • Must agree to have a comprehensive insurance on the car.
  • Must be ready to sign an agreement with our legal department

Your Benefits

  1. At the end of 60 days, GFI freely gives you 25% of the value of your choice car.
  2. GFI purchases your dream car to you.
  3. The remaining balance of 50% of the cost of the car will attract 20% interest and spread within 3 years (36 months). You must make monthly payment back to GFI.
  4. If the beneficiary has the 50% of the car, he can pay it back immediately to GFI without any form of interest.

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