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GFI Bidding


This is an investment where subscribers invest in exchange for gold, silver or any digital currency to yield good Return on Investment within 1-11 days. In other words, this investment is carried out on weekly basis. 6 investors will come together to form a cycle of bidding. The ROI margin clusters between 5%-100% depending on the season of investment.

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GFI Conditions:

  • Subscribers must purchase 1 (one) GFI Online registration code @ 20K. The code is for life.
  • invest any amount of your choice. Each cycle of investment should have 6 people.
  • Each person will pick ROI on every other day beginning from the first day of bidding period i.e Monday. That means in balloting among 6 investors, the first investor will pick his/her ROI on Monday, another Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and the Final person picks on Thursday. That ends the cycle of this investment.

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